We are a queer and trans literary zine interested in writing that blends genres, celebrating gender benders and genre blenders alike. BENDER is about creating a space for work that doesn’t fit into neat categories and might struggle to be published elsewhere. We are wanting to create more space for queer, trans, fat, disabled, working class, neurodivergent, Black and POC writers.

We want the work here to push against limitations, to expand our imaginations to build our own worlds.

We will be open for submissions for digital publishing soon. A physical zine will follow, which will collect some of these pieces together.

Our Team—

Currently, we are a one person team run by Grey (they). Grey is a writer, creative and bookperson based in South Manchester. They are currently working on an experimental novel about the expansiveness of queer love, peach pits n trauma. They mostly read weird lil books that blend genres and defy expectations.

Things Grey loves:
-trans writing
-flash fiction
-short stories
-graphic novels
-speculative fiction
-literary fiction